October 13

Sitar Arts Center

1700 Kalorama Road, Washington, DC


The Musical Cast

Lalo Medina plays Pete, who works for the Cleveland Parks Department and is tasked with managing a group of protesters that have taken over a city park. Pete is sympathetic to their cause.

Rachel Jones plays Mary, Pete's wife, who remains a steady presence although she's carrying a terrifying secret.

Jackie Madejski plays Sarah, Pete's college flame and soulmate and the leader of the protesters. They have not seen each other since they drifted apart in the 1970's.

Harv Lester plays Henry, a former businessman who chose to drop out of society and live in the park. Henry is known and liked by everyone except the protesters, who have made him homeless by their taking over the park.

Nick De Pinto Plays several pivotal characters in the play - The Gardner, The Bandleader, Captain America - all of whom are touchstones.

Elizabeth Darby plays Young Sarah in an enchanting shadow dancing sequence, as well as singing and dancing in other songs.

The Director

Jonathan Zuck is an award-winning film and stage director, photographer and digital artist with studios in DC and Brussels. Jonathan’s work has appeared in local and national ad campaigns, festivals, exhibitions and in homes and businesses around the world.  Jonathan’s editorial work, has appeared in multiple publications including the Washington Post, Washington City Paper, On Tap and several websites.

Jonathan’s hero is Orson Welles because of his creativity and originality across mediums. A filmmaker at heart,  Jonathan’s work is most inspired by artists such as Welles, Stanley Kubrick, Gregory Crewdson, Julie Blackmon and the Symbolists of the late 19th Century.

The Writer

Mark Baughman is a Washington DC - based musician and composer. Mark started playing guitar at 13 and was performing his original material soon afterwards as a solo acoustical performer or leading rock bands in clubs in his native Pittsburgh and later Boston and eventually Washington. Mark started writing "99 - A Rock Opera" in 2014 to explore how we got to the current state of affairs where every issue in contemporary life is a call to take sides.